22 October 2010

"lake wobegon...

where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and the children are above average." ~garrison keillor

we went to the live broadcast show last night. i thoroughly enjoyed myself. i'm pretty sure my husband did too.
even though he did mention that we were the youngest in this audience {again}. 
we've been listening to this show for 20+ years- which means when we were in our older teen years, yep we were there...
and the next time these guys ever do a live show within 100 or so miles, i am definitely there! 
(hmm... why haven't we seen them in the past 4 years that we've been listening to them?)

oh and sara watkins makes me bawl like a baby when she sings. 
i think it's because i've seen her sooo many times at the beginning stages of her career, when her & her bro sean played with chris thile in nickel creek. i had to wipe away the tears every time she sang last eve... big baby.

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