27 May 2009

sunday stroll

wild native geranium

mr. hiding snapper himself. the dog had no interest of getting in the water that day. 
maybe that's why-- he didn't want to lose a leg & have his name be changed to Gimpy.

16 May 2009

here he is, in all of his silver glory!
i've been working on him for months it seems.
now do i want to part with him?

my studio buddy

mao, having a seat with me while i was working.
he was recovering from a tantrum. 
i let him have a taste of  'outside' since i was sifting my bronze pieces out of the coal carbon.
he was not happy when it was time to go in!

see- he's really a viper!

14 May 2009

an amazing front page!

well this is a bit delayed, but you know me... i just have to post it anyway!
many thanks to bubbletime for the lovely feature!!

i just love her creations & her photos are perfection! :)

03 May 2009


two favorite prints of the week
free spirit from shirae

branching out from corid

01 May 2009

a double blessing!

how could i be so lucky? this one was an admin selection!

and this amazing list was created by the master herself, stylinstuff
thank you!!!