18 June 2009

our 'groundhog killer'

... this was a run during winter~ look at that black tongue!
he means business in this neck of the woods!!

12 June 2009

treasury shrine

6.10.09 front page. 
hmmm. etsy admin picks for 'Father's Day'?
ok! i'm in!! :)

snappingtwig has been an angel to me over the past year!
it is always an honor to have her select one of my items! thank you!!
6.07.09 front page

6.01.09 another admin selection! 
please don't accuse them of playing favorites! 
happy happy am i!!!

02 June 2009

another dual of etsy front pages

who knew? not me! 
my curation on the front page on 5.27.09

... and then SpringJuste's lovely on the same day!