31 January 2010

lovely photography

i found these images this morning & had to post them for inspiration... 
i really love the circus collection.
photography by Rosanna Anson

27 January 2010

well surprised i am

just realized this was on the front page two weeks ago!

this is becoming a habit again... 
i took a long break from it. and now i'm kind of too much in a creative slump to work in my studio. 
so, what else to do? grab a hot cup of tea & put together a treasury of 'course!

23 January 2010

update on mr. brooklyn {{Edit:: Mr. Shakir is his name now}}

he is settling into his new home just fine. 
{now only if my mom would stop overdosing him on catnip...}

14 January 2010

haitian art

my heart is saddened for the people of Haiti.
what is very strange to me is, that last week while at a trade show, i purchased these two pieces of art::

these beautiful sculptures are crafted from flattened steel oil drums.
they are made by sculptors in Haiti. 
they are even more special to me now.