01 October 2010

Copper clay ready for the kiln + results

i finally got around to working with the copper... i really like the texture.
the firing schedule was a bit tricky to figure out.  but after two firings, i think i have it.

most of these are listed in the shop. two have already sold! :)

these tranquility earrings are still available 

o little owl athene necklace. {i love this chain, i can't believe i've never used this type before!}


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

These are beautiful even before you fire them, but the end result is exquisite--and I love how you photograph your work. You have a beautiful well-thought-out shop...a place one likes to linger.

kalé primitifs said...

Aww thank you Dawn! You are too kind! I do try my best with the photography... i think i really need to soften the images a bit. It's always a work in progress! :)