28 April 2009

just have to share my front page of etsy today! 
....(yes, i still get excited & announce it to everyone!)

26 April 2009

ants & ants & ants oh my!

ok, these dishes from baileydoesntbark are what my kitchen is looking like these days... well, not this bad~ only the occasional ant wondering around! BUT, i am determined that i will not share my Cheerios with these guys any longer!!!

20 April 2009

refreshed & inspired

i had a wonderful afternoon at this beautiful garden. 
it was a most beautiful, warm spring day! The property also has an 18th century cabin, just breathtaking... an artist's dream space!

a thoughtful bench

a tropical retreat! complete with bromeliads, and tree frogs!

a fence created from the previous season's ornamental grasses

10 April 2009

every post is a 'Front Page' this week!

a happy spring green treasury for today!

an etsy admin selection : )

and finally the lovely Becky from tortillagirl!

09 April 2009


thank you etsy, for posting my treasury on the front page.