17 December 2010

rw's beard

i've been so cold lately. wish i had this kind of facial hair like my RW. {ok. Not really.}
the white is slowly spreading... i am in love!

03 December 2010

new bronze in the shoppe

fast fire! less energy, less time! 
love it! love the consistency, love the finish. 


lovely photography from Rosanna Anson.

14 November 2010

music for my soul

i sooo love these gals!!

shop update


and these flax blossoms- i haven't made these in probably a year. 
i was happy to see them again! :)


09 November 2010

front pages make my day

i'm a simple girl. i love when my curation is on the front page of etsy!

31 October 2010

happy halloween~ new work in progress, fall forest

so last evening, we returned home to see a black cat {who we spooked} in our yard... i think he was hunting.
 black cat- halloween- superstition! i loved it!


not the clearest photo... shiny silver pieces awaiting the tumbler & patina bath. 
there are new items, i can't wait to list in the shop!

fern lined fall pathway. my home.

22 October 2010

"lake wobegon...

where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and the children are above average." ~garrison keillor

we went to the live broadcast show last night. i thoroughly enjoyed myself. i'm pretty sure my husband did too.
even though he did mention that we were the youngest in this audience {again}. 
we've been listening to this show for 20+ years- which means when we were in our older teen years, yep we were there...
and the next time these guys ever do a live show within 100 or so miles, i am definitely there! 
(hmm... why haven't we seen them in the past 4 years that we've been listening to them?)

oh and sara watkins makes me bawl like a baby when she sings. 
i think it's because i've seen her sooo many times at the beginning stages of her career, when her & her bro sean played with chris thile in nickel creek. i had to wipe away the tears every time she sang last eve... big baby.

15 October 2010

refreshing creek walking~ but not with officially waterproof boots

i need to commune with nature. 

after crossing the shallow part barefoot, resting on a tree root.
winding cold water. 

04 October 2010

rainy days and mondays always get me down

a cold and rainy Monday greeted us today. 
on days like this, i usually wake up and realize i can't move.
my one leg is being held captive by the cat {who is only there because he is cold}. 
and the other side is sandwiched in by the husband~ who is reluctant to face any part of a monday at all without a pronounced curse. 
the day was pretty much a drag for the most part. until i saw my etsy treasury. 
and wow eight, 8! of the 16 items sold! 

01 October 2010

Copper clay ready for the kiln + results

i finally got around to working with the copper... i really like the texture.
the firing schedule was a bit tricky to figure out.  but after two firings, i think i have it.

most of these are listed in the shop. two have already sold! :)

these tranquility earrings are still available 

o little owl athene necklace. {i love this chain, i can't believe i've never used this type before!}

02 September 2010

front page celebration~ yay for allergies?

so i was inspired by having the most annoying allergies last week... made this treasury... and front page news happened! yay for honey & bees!

12 August 2010

current favorites

this raw porcelain fox is so sweet.
from nestingemily. {one of my long time etsy favorites}.

vintage recipe cards. they remind me of baking with my grandmother & great Aunt.
i love the old family recipes that have the side notes- for example, "Grandma says she never adds 1/4 c. flour."
from AlicesLookingGlass.

the most darling jacket ever.
from ForetLA.

03 August 2010


a simple wallet from woodroots. i love the raw edges & unlined insides

the sweetest little pouch you ever did see. vintage from restlessgeneralstore.

stripes! from dslookkin.

02 August 2010

new etsy finds

i love this reindeer watercolor by the artist pulsatilla.
i saw her work on the front page, and fell in love with her work~ and her shop name.
plus i read the reindeer people earlier this year. still really intriguing!

this little souvenir teepee reminds me of the trinkets we used to bring home from trips out west as kids. {although my fave souvenirs were matchbooks with all of the Indian chiefs on them.}
this is still available in Marie's Vintage shop!

i just unearthed a dreamcatcher {hence the post}, that a friend had made years ago. 
i love this copper bracelet created by ourfrontyard.

28 July 2010

new circus series

Hannah and Handsome her Horse

Lars the Lion and Elsa the Elephant

i came across a wonderful set of vintage buttons while out treasure hunting.
i created molds from them and made these bronze pieces.
 the way the bronze picks up detail, amazes me every time... 
there is a seal, a caged tiger, and a clown yet to be seen!

p.s. edit. note. >  
when these buttons were created, animals were still performing in the circus. 
and to look at these makes me cringe a little with sadness for all who may have been mistreated.

more enchantment

it was like walking into another realm...

across the creek.

abandonment to start a new life.

03 July 2010

a summery day in the garden of enchantment

i love the haphazardness of this garden. reminds me of my life.



09 June 2010

colorado rainbow

if you look close you can see it. 
i love colorado. 

25 May 2010

proud sista!

i am really really elated that my baby bro graduated from college two weeks ago!
i know it was a long & tough road for him. but he made it! and i am soooo proud!!

some graduation presents that i made. 
for him::

and for his girl, who is a pretty much a genius { & a talented artist as well }::

i know that they are bound for greatness...

18 April 2010

my future herb garden & growing kitty cats

yay! i went on an herb shopping spree this weekend...
peppermint, rosemary, marjoram, variegated spearmint, greek oregano, lavender, chives, purple sage, thyme, 
basil, a no-name mystery?, parsley, irish moss {non-herb, but had to have it!}, and finally dill. whew!

and this: 

telling me i'm taking too long getting my baskets planted...