13 December 2009

meet mr. brooklyn

i thought that he needed a proper introduction!
my sis rescued him from the streets of the city a couple of months ago.
he needed immediate medical attention, as his paw was completely mangled. 
miraculously, he has healed well and gets around just fine!
while my mother and i were driving him to his new home (with her),  she said, "...that's his name, Brooklyn".
{well, and we were listening to the Avett Brothers. :) }

03 December 2009

a best seller

these vintage birdies are by far my best seller. i don't even own a pair for myself.
i say to myself, 'this pair is for me.' but no! they end up in the shop & go home with the sweetest of folks!
it is true!

26 November 2009

happy thanksgiving!

a grateful day for us here at our home. 
semi~quiet, {must have music} just cooking for me and my husband~ who is supervising. making sure i don't overcook the lamb. 
we listened to what has been our traditional Thanksgiving Day song for the past maybe 10 years~ 'Alice's Restaurant'. dear Arlo Guthrie.

i am thankful for {the short list} ::

1.  my husband 
2.  family {they ultimately still love me & my many flaws}
3.   friends who remain friends after many years {ditto, well... maybe...}
4.  good food
5.  life { i am still living! }
6. music to carry me through
7. oh yeah, the wonderful community of etsy!

12 November 2009

soaring wings

so i carved these angel wings for someone i was once very close to.
for her birthday. i sent it in the mail today. 
i hope it means something to her, since creating them for her meant a lot to me too.

29 October 2009

happy happy!

oh i was soooo ecstatic to find i was on the front page today... it has been months!
a warm thank you to KaurFunktion for the fabulous bronze treasury! 

25 October 2009

freshly fired

well, i'm happy to report that this batch has vibrant patinas!
{...and i have lost a small elusive piece... it will turn up 3 firings from now.}
i hope to have a few of these finished this week! 

24 October 2009

golden post

oh orange marmalade kitties!
{photo found on ffffound!}

some bronze pieces ready to go into the kiln. 
i can't wait to see the patinas~ i still 'ooohhh & ahhh' when i fish them out of the coals!
... and well, & the occasional frustrated moment... of not being able to find that really small, elusive piece that's seems forever lost.
{my sweet marjji ginger kitty looks on... i love her...}

i am on a fox crazzzze! 
{art by ty wilkins}
i like this. this will be a new daily affirmation. 
{from ffffound)

15 October 2009

28 September 2009

26 September 2009

oh autumn... out and about

the dog had a good run, as did we. 
(well, fast paced walk)
i was instantly reminded how much i love autumn.

my new shop

oh i opened a new shop! 
i am still building my inventory as i have time. 
so, tundra dear it is. (more about this name later.)
here is my new logo, thanks to spreadthelove.

the etsy metal clay charm swap ~ all of our charms!

: the etsy metal clay team charm swap :
lots & lots of  talented artists on this team. 
this is a sampling of what we received! 

breaking the silence

busy summer, but here is what i've been up to ::
the etsy metal clay team had a charm swap! 
here were mine...
(i have to admit, of 'course i procrastinated to the very last minute. so there were things that i really wanted to do...

18 June 2009

our 'groundhog killer'

... this was a run during winter~ look at that black tongue!
he means business in this neck of the woods!!

12 June 2009

treasury shrine

6.10.09 front page. 
hmmm. etsy admin picks for 'Father's Day'?
ok! i'm in!! :)

snappingtwig has been an angel to me over the past year!
it is always an honor to have her select one of my items! thank you!!
6.07.09 front page

6.01.09 another admin selection! 
please don't accuse them of playing favorites! 
happy happy am i!!!

02 June 2009

another dual of etsy front pages

who knew? not me! 
my curation on the front page on 5.27.09

... and then SpringJuste's lovely on the same day!

27 May 2009

sunday stroll

wild native geranium

mr. hiding snapper himself. the dog had no interest of getting in the water that day. 
maybe that's why-- he didn't want to lose a leg & have his name be changed to Gimpy.

16 May 2009

here he is, in all of his silver glory!
i've been working on him for months it seems.
now do i want to part with him?

my studio buddy

mao, having a seat with me while i was working.
he was recovering from a tantrum. 
i let him have a taste of  'outside' since i was sifting my bronze pieces out of the coal carbon.
he was not happy when it was time to go in!

see- he's really a viper!

14 May 2009

an amazing front page!

well this is a bit delayed, but you know me... i just have to post it anyway!
many thanks to bubbletime for the lovely feature!!

i just love her creations & her photos are perfection! :)

03 May 2009


two favorite prints of the week
free spirit from shirae

branching out from corid

01 May 2009

a double blessing!

how could i be so lucky? this one was an admin selection!

and this amazing list was created by the master herself, stylinstuff
thank you!!!

28 April 2009

just have to share my front page of etsy today! 
....(yes, i still get excited & announce it to everyone!)

26 April 2009

ants & ants & ants oh my!

ok, these dishes from baileydoesntbark are what my kitchen is looking like these days... well, not this bad~ only the occasional ant wondering around! BUT, i am determined that i will not share my Cheerios with these guys any longer!!!

20 April 2009

refreshed & inspired

i had a wonderful afternoon at this beautiful garden. 
it was a most beautiful, warm spring day! The property also has an 18th century cabin, just breathtaking... an artist's dream space!

a thoughtful bench

a tropical retreat! complete with bromeliads, and tree frogs!

a fence created from the previous season's ornamental grasses

10 April 2009

every post is a 'Front Page' this week!

a happy spring green treasury for today!

an etsy admin selection : )

and finally the lovely Becky from tortillagirl!

09 April 2009


thank you etsy, for posting my treasury on the front page.