28 July 2010

new circus series

Hannah and Handsome her Horse

Lars the Lion and Elsa the Elephant

i came across a wonderful set of vintage buttons while out treasure hunting.
i created molds from them and made these bronze pieces.
 the way the bronze picks up detail, amazes me every time... 
there is a seal, a caged tiger, and a clown yet to be seen!

p.s. edit. note. >  
when these buttons were created, animals were still performing in the circus. 
and to look at these makes me cringe a little with sadness for all who may have been mistreated.

more enchantment

it was like walking into another realm...

across the creek.

abandonment to start a new life.

03 July 2010

a summery day in the garden of enchantment

i love the haphazardness of this garden. reminds me of my life.