28 January 2011

who is longing for Spring?

i am one who loves winter. with snow. yes, the word a lot of Easterners are cursing.
as kids, we would sled into the wee hours. down the old dirt road {yes- road} from the cemetery to the farmhouse. from the deer path down the side of the mountain, into the orchard. I was just so happy that we didn't have to worry about the bear- he was hibernating!
mom bought us cross country skis. we tried our best to use them as down hills.
i love the muffled quietness after a snowfall. 
the neighbors helping neighbors dig each other out.
i am completely aware as i get older, this may change... 
for now, i will enjoy every snowflake that falls. 

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Lorraine Young Pottery said...

What a touching painting! love the gray and the red :-}