04 April 2010

happy easter

i miss celebrating Easter as a kid... our grandmother bought us new dresses {usually from the Sears catalog},
and we had to learn a recitation for the Sunday morning church service- which we didn't like so much.
but the best thing was going downstairs Easter morning to find my great Aunt's Easter baskets. 
they were usually huge gift baskets filled with wonderful goodies~ homemade chocolate peanut butter & coconut eggs, plastic eggs filled with toys... 

...because really, hers are thee best & come the closest to my childhood memories.

my great Aunt's Easter egg tree {circa 1990}

Easter Sunday in our  dresses {circa~ a long time ago!}
somehow we always had similar haircuts.


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Hello and Happy Easter,
I feel similar to you, trying to be happy today, but missing my grandparents. I'm going to something to make this a special day. Here's to optomism!

kalé primitifs said...

Thank you! And that's just what I did today too! :)