14 January 2010

haitian art

my heart is saddened for the people of Haiti.
what is very strange to me is, that last week while at a trade show, i purchased these two pieces of art::

these beautiful sculptures are crafted from flattened steel oil drums.
they are made by sculptors in Haiti. 
they are even more special to me now.


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

isn't it amazing that such beauty came from oil drums? True folk art.

Genevieve said...

They are beautiful! Don't you marvel when things like that happen?!

We are so thrilled because yesterday we received news that family of our friend Jacques, and all the children in the orphanage he runs, are alive and safe! Poor Jacques had not eaten since the earthquake - he was so relieved.

kalé primitifs said...

~yes truly!!

Genevieve, that is such wonderful news! We can only hope & pray for more happy stories such as yours!
thanks for your post! :)