24 October 2009

golden post

oh orange marmalade kitties!
{photo found on ffffound!}

some bronze pieces ready to go into the kiln. 
i can't wait to see the patinas~ i still 'ooohhh & ahhh' when i fish them out of the coals!
... and well, & the occasional frustrated moment... of not being able to find that really small, elusive piece that's seems forever lost.
{my sweet marjji ginger kitty looks on... i love her...}

i am on a fox crazzzze! 
{art by ty wilkins}
i like this. this will be a new daily affirmation. 
{from ffffound)


Marbella Jewelry Designs said...

what a sweet photo of your kitties!
do post a photo of the fired pieces, i would love to see them. i haven't fired any bronze yet.

kalé primitifs said...

oh! i wish they were my kitties!!
{i needed to post where i found the image... slacking on my blog etiquette!}
thank you! ;) i love bronze & can't wait to get started with the copper!

hint said...

Adore the kitty photo and your bronze looks like it came out beautifully!

kalé primitifs said...

thanks Beth! ;)